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1-17 Why Doesn't Satan Give Up?

Questions From the Floor to Mr. Mattison

(Some questions have been paraphrased. The recording was not always sufficiently clear)

Q. If Satan is an intelligent being, as a fallen angel we would assume he would be, he would know about the power of God, as is seen in Job, and knows he cannot win. Then why doesn't he give up his cause in view of what is said in Gen.3:15 and Heb. 2:14? What kind of hope does the devil have?

A. Okay, so the question is, if the devil is intelligent and if he is a fallen angel, sure he must be intelligent, and he knows God is more powerful than he is, and if he knows about his curse and his judgment and that he is going to lose, why doesn't he just give up now? That is your question, right? Well, there are many examples of our own human history of people who have fought battles knowing full well they are going to lose. The devil knows his judgment is sure, yet the sort of thing we read about in Rev. 12 - the sort of angelic battles - I think are the futile last efforts of someone who knows that he practically doesn't stand a chance and I think he doesn't have a hope. Does that seem to answer your question?

Q. Well, for now.