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The Real Devil A Biblical Exploration  

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The Real Devil

ForeworD (ted russell)


Chapter 1 The History Of An Idea

1-1 A History Of The Devil And Satan In Old Testament Times

1-1-1 Israel In Exile: The Babylonian / Persian Influence

1-1-2 Greek Influence

1-2 The Devil After The New Testament

1-2-1 Satan In The Thought Of Justin Martyr

1-2-2 Satan In The Thought Of Irenaeus And Tertullian

1-2-3 Satan In The Thought Of Clement And Origen

1-2-4 Satan In The Thought Of Lactantius And Athanasius

1-2-5 Satan In The Thought Of Augustine

1-3 Satan In The Middle Ages

1-4 Satan From The Reformation Onwards

1-4-1 Satan In Paradise Lost

1-5 The Protesters

1-6 The Devil And Satan In Recent Thought

Chapter 2 Some Basic Bible Teaching

2-1 Angels

Digression 1 Jude And The Book Of Enoch

2-2 The Origin Of Sin And Evil

Digression 2 Romans And The Wisdom Of Solomon

Digression 3 The Intention And Context Of Genesis 1-3

2-3 Satan And The Devil

2-4 The Jewish Satan

2-5 Hell

Digression 4 Christ And The "Spirits in prison"

Chapter 3 Some Practical Implications

3-1 Some Practical Implications

3-1-1 "To be spiritually minded"

3-2 The Hard Questions

Chapter 4 Demons

4-1 The Devil, Satan And Demons

4-2 Demons And Idols

4-3 Demons And Sickness

4-4 The Language Of The Day

4-5 God Adopts A Human Perspective

4-6 Miracles And Demons

4-7 Canaanite Theology Smashed

4-8 Exorcism Of Demons

4-9 Case Study: Resheph

4-10 God’s Use Of Language

4-11 The Teaching Style Of Jesus

4-12 Why Didn't Jesus Correct People?

4-13 Demons: A Summary

Chapter 5 An Examination Of the Specific Bible Passages which mention the devil and satan

5-1 Preface: Misunderstood Bible Passages

5-2 The Serpent In Eden Genesis 3:4-5

5-3 Sons Of God And Daughters Of Men Genesis 6: 2-4

5-4 Job’s Satan Job 1:6

5-4-1 The Satan In Job: A Fellow Worshipper?

5-4-2 Job's Satan: An Angel-Satan?

5-4-3 The Deconstruction Of The Satan Myth In Job/a>

5-5 Lucifer King Of Babylon Isaiah 14: 12-14

5-6 The Anointed Cherub Ezekiel 28: 13-15

5-7 Zechariah 3

5-8 The Temptation Of Jesus Matthew 4: 1-11

5-8-1 Jesus In The Wilderness: A Study In The Language And Nature Of Temptation

5-8-2 The Wilderness Temptations: A Window Into The Mind Of Jesus

5-9 Unclean Spirits Matthew 12: 43-45

5-10 The Devil And His Angels Matthew 25:41

5-11 Satan Takes Away The Word Mark 4:15

5-12 Satan As Lightning Luke 10: 18

5-13 Satan Entered Judas Luke 22:3

5-14 Peter And Satan Luke 22:31

5-15 Your Father The Devil John 8:44

5-16 Oppressed Of The Devil Acts 10: 38

5-17 Child Of The Devil Acts 13:10

5-18 The Power Of Satan Acts 26: 18

5-19 Delivering Unto Satan 1 Corinthians 5:5

5-20 The God Of This World 2 Corinthians 4: 4 / "The prince of this world" (Jn. 12:31; 14:30; 16:11)

5-21 An Angel Of Light 2 Corinthians 11:13-15

5-22 The Messenger Of Satan 2 Corinthians 12:7

5-23 The Prince Of The Air Ephesians 2: 1-3

5-24 Giving Place To The Devil Ephesians 4:26-27

5-25 The Wiles Of The Devil Ephesians 6:11-13

5-26 The Snare Of The Devil 1 Timothy 3: 6 -7; 2 Timothy 2:26

5-27 Turned Aside After Satan 1 Timothy 5:14-15

5-28 Resist The Devil James 4: 7; 1 Peter 5:8

5-29 Chains Of Darkness 2 Peter 2: 4; Jude 6

5-30 The Body Of Moses Jude 9

5-31 The Synagogue Of Satan Revelation 2: 9-10, 13 & 24

5-32 Michael And The Great Dragon Revelation 12: 7-9

5-33 The Devil And Satan Bound Revelation 20: 2, 7 & 10

Digression 5: "The man of sin"

Chapter 6 Some Conclusions

6-1 Some Conclusions

Digression 6: Suffering (Bev Russell)

Appendix: Transcript Of A Public Debate About The Existence Of Satan

The Devil And Satan: What Does The Bible Say?

Debate speakers:

For the Supernatural Devil position: Mr. Mark Mattison
Against the Supernatural Devil position: Mr. Duncan Heaster

Introduction And Mr. Mattison's First Address

a1-1 Benjamin Wilson And The Diaglott

a1-2 Ha satan

a1-3 Satan In The Gospels

Mr. Heaster's First Address

a1-4 The Origin Of Evil

a1-5 Angels As Ministering Spirits

a1-6 The Origin Of Sin

Mr. Mattison's Reply

a1-8 Does Satan Do God's Will?

a1-9 The Origin Of The Devil

a1-10 Fallen Angels

a1-11 External Temptation

Mr. Heaster's Reply

a1-12 Satan And God's Will

a1-13 Ho diabolos

a1-14 The Devil And Cain

a1-15 Where Sin Comes From

a1-16 The Temptations Of Jesus

Questions From The Floor To Mr. Mattison

a1-17 Why Doesn't Satan Give Up

a1-18 Personification In Historical Narratives

a1-19 Can Immortal Angels Sin?

a1-20 Does The Devil Induce Sin

a1-21 Teaching Not To Blaspheme

a1-22 The Devil And Sin

Questions From The Floor To Mr. Heaster

a1-23 Children Of Disobedience

a1-24 The Dragon And The Lake Of Fire

a1-25 Good And Bad Angels

a1-26 Angelos And Daimonos

a1-27 Man As A Sinful Creature

Mr. Mattison's Final Speech

a1-28 Salvation Issues

Mr. Heaster’s Final Speech

a1-29 The Need For Proper Understanding